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Buy the Barnstormers! Graphic Novel (PDF) now for $8.99

Barnstormers! follows the adventures of blue-collar monster hunters Roscoe, Anna, and Clyde. Former pilots in WWI, the gang makes their money as barnstorming pilots that kill monsters for a quick buck. But when money gets tight, Roscoe makes a deal with a mysterious adventurer named Doc Lyon that will put him on easy street.

Too bad that street's paved with bloodthirsty cult members, giant monsters, and iron soul-eating dragons!
What's the worst that could happen?

Own the 90-page graphic novel today!


You can read a FREE preview of the comic here: Barnstormers! OGN Preview


"Kaiju versus WWI biplanes -- the mash-up you didn't know was missing from your life until Barnstormers! came along -- wild, fun, great stuff!" – Fred Van Lente (Weird Detective, Archer & Armstrong)

"Beasts, brawls, and biplanes. Barnstormers! is a whole lot of fun!" - Jim Zub (Dungeons & Dragons, Thunderbolts)

“Magic, monsters and… biplanes? It’s fast, fun and right up the alley of anyone who misses the rock’em sock’em adventure of Indiana Jones.” – Justin Jordan (Savage Things, Spread)

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