Writing Services

Writing/Content Development Services and Experience

Please contact Kenny Porter for prices and page rates for the following services.

  • SEO rich content.
  • Product copy for the web (small online retailers or larger companies like Amazon).
  • Marketing copy for digital content, brochures, emails, flyers, and more.

  • Experience working with WordPress and Blogger.
  • Researching and executing posts.
  • Setting up blogging schedules and interviews.

Coordinating Campaigns
  • Writing emails and multi-level materials.
  • Running campaigns and promotions.
  • Finding talent for projects.

Social Media
  • Professionally run Twitter, Facebook, and other specified platforms.
  • Create posts (with images and for engagement).
  • Respond to social media outreach and customers.

Project Management
  • Coordinate with clients (locally or internationally).
  • Run team projects through email and phone calls.
  • Take the lead and stay in contact with all team members and clients.

  • Professional experience creating scripts for comic books, games, TV, film, and audio.
  • Experienced in both adaptations and generating original content.

Content Development
  • Generating ideas for print, digital, and conceptual projects.
  • Planning and creating projects for clients.

Clients and Publications

Here is a list of previous clients that Kenny Porter has worked for in writing/content development.
  • Gilson Graphics
  • SEGA
  • Atlus Games
  • Dutch Monaco
  • Stela Comics
  • Pif Magazine
  • Create and Craft
  • Ideal World Inc.
  • Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
  • Sean Daniel (Musician)
  • Women's Lifestyle Northshore Magazine
  • Cosmic Book News
  • Visionary Comics
  • Viper Comics