Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Reading Journal #2 - Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut


The Kurt Vonneguys Podcast is one of my new favorite things in the universe. Going back through one of my favorite writer's catalog makes me realize just how special their work was. I discovered Vonnegut after high school. I bought Slaughterhouse Five on a whim and read it from cover to cover. No book had grabbed me like that since I devoured The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the first time.

Slapstick isn't a book of Vonnegut's that people talk about as much, but it might be one of my new favorites. It's got all of the absurdity of books like Sirens of Titan or Cat's Cradle with Vonnegut's unique take on family and relationships.

Also, there's a King of Michigan and erections based on gravity wells.

Part of me wonders why I don't write prose more often. Maybe it's because I think so visually that I just default to writing comics. I started a fiction blog last year and haven't been keeping up on it, but now I think I'm going to go back to it and write a little each day, even if it isn't any sort of long term project.

As always, thanks for the inspiration Mr. Vonnegut.

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